Innovation, Collaboration, Quality and Responsiveness.


At MSA we understand that innovation, collaboration, quality and responsiveness are each essential for a successful project.


MSA incorporates the latest technologies, while relying on our extensive experience and creative thinking to provide innovative engineering solutions.  We work with the design team to develop efficient, sustainable and performance driven building systems.


MSA works together with Architect, Owner, Sub-consultants and Contractor to provide integrated solutions that will enhance the building aesthetic, the building environment and the community as a whole, within the budget and schedule provided.


MSA knows that quality documents are essential to every project.  The best engineering solutions can become costly construction issues when not properly documented.  Our drawings and specifications effectively communicate our designs to ensure accurate pricing, constructability and operation.


At MSA we believe responsiveness is much more that returning phone calls and replying to emails.  We work with each client to establish communication goals and expectations and take a proactive approach to ensure that they are met. This will include submittal turnaround, RFI response time, and construction issue assistance.