Education: K-12

The design of K-12 educational facilities has been the foundation of our practice since 1972. We understand and apply sound design concepts and innovative solutions to improve the learning environment for the students and staff of each facility.  We believe that a comfortable and safe environment fosters creativity and enhances learning.   MSA understands the strict constraints of time and funding that each project brings and will work with team members to ensure all constraints are met.

We have applied our expertise to the design of new construction projects, renovations and building additions.   We also perform Life Safety Surveys, Facility Assessments, Energy Audits and Master Planning.

Higher Education:

MSA’s vast experience in K-12 educational facilities has led to a growing presence in the Secondary Educational Market.  We understand that Colleges and Universities possess the same schedule and budget constraints and apply the same collaborative effort to ensure all are met. However we also realize that Higher Education facilities present a unique combination of specialties: Specialized Classrooms and Labs, Lecture Halls, Theaters, Restaurants, etc.  MSA is able to apply their extensive experience in all these areas to create cohesive, efficient designs that meet all project goals.