Arbor Park Middle School


This new 144,000 square foot middle school will serve 1,000 students. The building is served by three variable air volume air handling units located in dedicated fan rooms. The gymnasium and commons area are each served by a dedicated single zone constant volume air handling. Total energy, heat recovery wheels are incorporated into the air handling units exceeding 35% outside air. All of the HVAC systems incorporate carbon dioxide sensing and outside air flow measuring stations to efficiently maintain indoor air quality. Heating is provided by a variable flow distribution system utilizing primary-secondary pumping. The indoor centrifugal chillers are served by a single cell cooling tower with variable frequency drive that allow for efficient condenser water temperature control and chiller efficiency optimization. Domestic water pressure is booted using a variable speed constant pressure duplex pumping system. Low consumption, automatic plumbing fixtures are used through-out the facility. Occupancy sensing is used for lighting control for all but the corridor and specialty lighting.

Oak Forest, Illinois
Completed in August 2006